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Just In - New Morilee Gowns

Bridal gown prices have increased pretty dramatically in the past year. Supply change problems, global inflation, and shipping issues have all contributed to the rising cost of a designer gown. The average cost of a gown (before alterations) is now $1,900.

We have just the solution! All of our gowns are sample gowns from designers or bridal shops. Every gown is at least 50% off and some are as much as 90% off the retail price.

We just added these gorgeous Morilee gowns to our inventory! These are definitely Inflation beaters!

Renata Size 16 Retail $1,075 Gown Loft Price $500

Sonia Size 14 Retail$1,650 Gown Loft price $775

Abbie Size 10 Retail $1,175 Gown Loft Price $500

Andi Size 12 Retail $850 Gown Loft Price $400

Aviva Size 14 Retail $1,390 Gown Loft price $850

Callie Size 8 Retail $820 Gown Loft price $400

Pia Size 10 Retail $1,500 Gown Loft Price $700

Sherri Size 14 $1,290 Gown Loft price $450

Blossom size 12 Retail $2,300 Gown Loft price $875

Azalea Size 14 Retail $1,180 Gown Loft Price $575

Laurel Size 12 Retail $1,530 Gown Loft $750

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