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Stressed? How to Grab Control in the Weeks Before Your Wedding

From years of working in the Bridal industry - it’s my observation that the stress brides feel leading up to their wedding day comes from trying to manage so many details and variables on top of every day life. Here are a few simple steps you can take to relieve some of that pressure so that you will truly feel your best on your special day:

1. Delegate responsibility for whatever you can to people you trust. If you have a Type A cousin- put her in charge of the wedding day schedule, paying the vendors, rounding up people for photos. Ask your soon to be MIL if she would double check that the reception decorations are all perfect the day of. Have your Uncle Bill assigned to get all of the gifts and cards back to the designated spot, etc. And once you hand off those responsibilities- put them out of your mind. You will be pleasantly surprised at how willing people are to help.

2. Do something every day that is not wedding related- take a walk, exercise, bake some cookies. It will help put the wedding into perspective.

3. Refocus your thoughts when you start to feel stressed. Just stop, breathe, think of a happy memory with your fiancé, and then picture the end of your ceremony when you kiss and then turn around and see that you are surrounded by people you love and who love you! It is so important to remember that the wedding is really about the promises and commitment of love that you are making to each other. All the rest is just icing on the cake (so to speak!)

4. On your wedding day, give your phone to your maid of honor and have her handle your calls and text messages. If it's something critical - she will be near you to ask, if not, then you don't need to think about it on this special day.

5. Remind yourself that stress will only rob you of all the beautiful memories of this moment in your life.

Best wishes to you for a lovely wedding!❤️

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